In the upper right corner of the homepage you see the green button which says login. Please, push the button
Please, enter your emailadress and the password* you created. Click Sign in.

*To create your password you click the link in the email you received automatically.

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My Account

When you are logged in, you arrive on the My Account page. The logo of your company should show on the right site of the banner above
On the left of the page you see an extensive menu to choose from. On the center right you see some quick links and personal information.

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My Preferred Delivery Address

First you see your Preferred Delivery Address. This is an address you can edit in your profile settings.
Right below the address you can see what delivery term is in place for your store.

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My Order Templates

Here you see your saved order templates. An order template is a favorite list from which you can quickly reorder next time.

An order template is created automatically after your first order is placed. This template can be edited or deleted if you like. You can create as many order templates as you like 

To view all your order templates, simply click the button View all Order Templates

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/5.png

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/6.png

 You can see all your Order templates on the bottom of this page

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/7.png

You can sort them on creation date and modified date.
By clicking the button with the cart, you place the total contents of your order template in your cart.
By clicking the trash icon, you will remove /delete the order template.

When you know the Worldpack item number of an item you want to put in your order template(s), you can quickly add it by entering the item number in the area as marked red below:

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/8.png

Click add

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/9.png

A pop up window appears and you can choose to add the item to one or multiple order template already created and/ or create a new template. You can rename the new template right here.
Simply click add.

System gives you a pop up with a confirmation
Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/10.png

Click Ok

If you created a new template please refresh your page to make it visible in the overview


Menu in My Account

In the menu on the left side of the My Account Page, you first see your name or, most likely, see the name Manager, Store.

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/11.png

Below that name, you see your role.
- Buyer: you can order for your store(s)
- Approver: you can order and have an approver role for orders inserted by stores that are under your responsibility.
- Admin: You can order, approve and you can set budgets for the stores that are under your responsibility

 Below your role you see the option to log out. A log out option is also available on the upper right menu of the website.


Below the header Purchase you have several topics.

First you see Pending Orders. When you click it, you get an overview of your pending orders

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/12.png

When you click details (utter right on the line) you can see all information regarding this order

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/13.png

Below the main header you can see your order status. This order is Pending for Approval.

When a spend limit (budget) is in place it will show here as well.



Quotes are not applicable in the Worldpack Brand Store. We hope to have this menu removed a.s.a.p.

Order templates

See the explanation for this topic on page 3 to 6

Order history

On this page you see your overview on order history. Your most recent orders. Their status shows, their grand total, etc. Here too, you can click on details to see the content of the order. You can apply filters to search for specific orders or dates. 

Other orders

Here you’ll find orders with a 0 value. It is most likely you can discard this menu altogether.


Saved Payment Information

This page shows your payment information. When your payment is done via your headquarters your preferred method is set to Invoice and can’t be changed.

When you use pre-payment as a method you can choose within the Adyen payment module via which method you would like to fulfill the payment. You may choose options like Credit Card, iDeal, bank transfer, etc.

Saved Addresses

This page shows all applicable addresses for your account.
There is a search option in case you have many addresses available.

You can edit you preferred delivery address here.

Profile settings

You can edit some of your settings.

We highly recommend to NOT change your email address. If you need the email address to be changed please contact your headquarters or contact Worldpack Customer Service team. 0031 88 494 20 80

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/14.png

Ordering Items

To order items you can either use the search area on top of the website, use your order templates or browse your assortment. This last option is explained below

To go to your assortment please click the word Assortment in the small banner (see the red marked area)

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/15.png

A sub menu emerges showing 1 or multiple catalogues to choose from.
Click the one you want displayed.

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/16.png

This page shows the different categories that have items available for you.
Click the desired category. Sub categories are displayed.

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/17.png

Click the sub category you need. You will see an item overview page like below.

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/18.png

You see the available items in this category in one quick overview.
A picture, a description and price should help you to make a quick pick.
There is an option to Add to Cart from this view directly.

If you want more information on the product or have a better view on the photo(s), please click the item description. (Do not click the photo, you will get a quick shop pop up window)

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/19.png

On this product page you see all kinds of complimentary information.

You can choose different pictures to see. All pictures have zoom functionality, meaning when you cross over the picture with your cursor it will show a zoom of that specific part

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/20.png


Product specifications might be available in the tab details.

Simply add all required items to your cart.


Quick Order

There is another way to enter your orders quickly: Quick Order functionality. You can find it in the sub banner as shown below in the red marked area.

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/21.png


Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/22.png

You can add Worldpack item numbers and the desired quantity. Please note, do not enter after entering the item number or quantity, cause the website will take you to the cart.

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/23.png


When done, do enter or click Add to Cart.

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/24.png



In your shopping cart you can update or edit your order. You can remove items, change their quantity or Add an item to Cart in the bottom area.

You can also create an order template from this overview. See the red marked area below.

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/25.png


Of course, when all is well, you can proceed to checkout.


In the checkout phase you are able to enter your personal order reference and/ or your name to the order. The information will appear on the invoice and the packing list.

 Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/26.png

You can also enter additional information for special occasions. Might be the need for a different delivery date for once or the need to have something packed extra secure.

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/27.png 


When done, please tick the I agree on the Terms & Conditions check box and then place the order.

Your order is being processed

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/28.png


When done you get the message below.

Please carefully read the information given.

When your order is to be approved by someone, you will receive a sperate email when that’s done.

Bunzl-WPK-WPK:/User manual beelden/29.png

Customer Service contact

We hope this manual told you all you needed to know on the use of the brand store.
if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Call  0031 88 494 2080

Email: online@worldpack.eu











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