Counterfeit note detector pen Safescan 30

Item: WP850003
EAN:  1000000000009

Counterfeit note detector pen

    • Description

      Counterfeit note detector pen Safescan 30 counterfeit currency detector pen will tell you whether a banknote is fake or genuine in only 2 seconds! Simply mark the banknote and watch: if the ink turns dark, the note is likely a counterfeit. The iodine-based ink reacts with a starch found in all standard papers, but not in the official cotton-based banknote paper used by central banks worldwide. What’s more, it helps take fake money out of circulation: the pale ink will fade away on genuine banknotes, but leave a permanent purple mark on suspected counterfeits. Comes in 20 pieces/pack.

    • Details
      Packing info:PCS
      Unit weight:0.08 kg
      Units per pallet:888
      Units per pallet layer:88

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